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We aimed to mobilize voters around the principles of free and fair elections, simplifying the voting process, and exposing advocates of voting restrictions as more interested in power than protection.

Nothing is more important than

Voting Rights

As the 2022 midterms approached, the persistence of the Right Wing's false narrative of a stolen election was alarming. However, we were confident in our ability to redirect moderates from these unfounded claims of voter fraud towards a renewed trust in our electoral system and its officials. We experimented with various emotional tones—humor, sensitivity, defiance—while maintaining a non-partisan stance.

project challenge

Our objective was to effectively dismantle these false narratives and prioritize the importance of free and fair elections. We believed that politicians pushing for restrictive laws were primarily seeking to seize power. We meticulously crafted and rigorously tested narratives to persuade others of this belief. Additionally, we offered practical methods to simplify voting and motivated citizens to participate in the midterms. Our efforts were concentrated in competitive swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia.

project approach

Collaborating remotely with a talented team of writers, editors, and graphic designers, we employed an iterative process to continually refine and scrutinize content. Through multiple rounds of creative development and production, we meticulously crafted and refined our most promising narratives, balancing research insights with creative execution. Following the leadership of colleagues specializing in qualitative and quantitative research they conducted random control trail (RCT) testing and we identified key narratives that effectively persuaded and mobilized moderate voters.

project results

By portraying poll workers as patriotic exemplars, we tapped into voters' intrinsic values and reinforced the integrity of our elections. Using disarming humor to highlight their trusted nature, we successfully mobilized voters against politicians who sought to intimidate or demonize them. Rather than making broad accusations against the entire Republican Party, we found that depicting specific Republican figures as villains in our narrative was more effective. This nuanced approach allowed us to penetrate conservative filters and reach voters inclined to shift left. By framing Republican attempts to impose strict voting restrictions as radical efforts to consolidate power, we appealed to patriotic ideals and successfully motivated voters to contact their representatives and vote.

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