Going on Offense, While Preemptively Playing Defense

Shield and Villains



Through exceptional collaboration and comprehensive qualitative research, we crafted persuasive narratives that effectively mobilized the moderate middle, contributing to a decisive win in the midterms.

Democrats were Not Looking Good in Early 2022

Our Research Helped Change That

In 2022, many moderate voters were politically exhausted, leaving Democrats vulnerable to unfounded and radical attacks. Our client aimed to develop a strategy to counter the Republicans' false narratives and resonate with key voters needed to win elections. As the producing partner, I led the team responsible for creating these compelling narrative messages and videos.

project challenge

In an era of widespread political apathy and disillusionment, it was crucial to rise above prejudices and assure voters that we are committed to serving their needs. This approach not only protected our candidates from attacks but also demonstrated  our unwavering commitment to serving the needs of the people.

project approach

Collaborating remotely with a talented team of writers, editors, and graphic designers, we employed an iterative process to continuously refine and scrutinize content. Following the leadership of colleagues specializing in qualitative and quantitative research, RCT testing was conducted to identify key narratives that effectively persuaded and mobilized moderate voters.

project results

To reassure candidates and shield them from GOP attacks on crime and chaos, we adopted a confident, blue-collar tone emphasizing hard work and honesty.

This approach proved effective even if the candidate was not traditionally considered blue-collar. Playful messaging that warned voters to expect "BS" from the GOP successfully immunized against attacks.

Portraying GOP candidates as cowardly and self-serving villains swayed traditional Republicans to shift 10 points to the left, while depicting them as two-faced marginally decreased enthusiasm by 6-12 points.

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Cathal Lathrop

VP of Operations



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