Showcasing Biden’s Achievements in His First Two Years

Project Lift


Way to Win

We developed original ads to spotlight the Biden administration's key successes and accomplishments over its first two years, raising awareness of significant economic achievements and using clean energy as a pivotal proof point.

Championing Working People

Democrats Are Delivering Results

While voters trust Biden and the Democrats on economic issues such as raising wages and reducing healthcare costs, Republicans have been perceived as more trustworthy on economic values like safeguarding individual financial well-being. We aimed to change this narrative by highlighting Biden’s economic successes, reshaping voter perceptions of his economic leadership.

project challenge

Targeting a national audience grappling with economic challenges, our objective was to build awareness of the Biden administration's achievements and their direct impact on people's lives. We also emphasized the success of clean energy initiatives as a cornerstone of the economic narrative.

project approach

We assembled a writers' room to brainstorm and refine the optimal approach for this narrative. Our strategy portrayed working people as heroes, with Biden providing the tools they need. These working heroes, supported by Biden’s Democrats, were positioned against the elites causing economic issues, focusing on the problems rather than naming specific opponents.

project results

  • Biden 2020 Voters: The narrative of rebuilding America resulted in a 5-6% increase in approval of the President, his economic performance, and his future plans.
  • General Electorate: Trust in Biden’s economic plans, his clean energy strategy, and the belief that he is working for “you” increased by 5%.
  • Trump 2020 Voters: The “working behind the scenes” narrative led to a 4% improvement in their perception of Biden’s economic plans.
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    Jenifer Fernandez Ancona

    Co-Founder & Vice President


    Way to Win

    Aviv is fantastic at what he does, and it is always a pleasure working with him. He has a wide range as a creator, and he’s able to produce content that is inspirational, educational, and/or funny — perfectly landing our message each time. His approach to creative problems is always so refreshing, and he works quickly while delivering high quality content!

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