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Partner with our team of talented storytellers and digital strategists as we use data to fuel content that builds trust, mobilizes, and persuades. We'll create high-quality, impactful solutions—from videos to digital campaigns—quickly, affordably, and with measurable results.


At Groundwork we speak directly to the voters with research driven narratives that are proven to persuade the critical voters in the middle.


Effective communication is paramount. We create compelling narratives that energize and activate a dedicated base towards your cause.


Amidst the noise, we motivate and empower individuals. We instill the confidence and knowledge needed to take decisive actions in shaping their communities.

Our Services

make complex things simple

narrative strategy

We develop bespoke, results-oriented strategies grounded in comprehensive research and data analysis. Our approach is tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring no one-size-fits-all solutions.

content production

Our expertise in cross-platform content strategies enables us to produce high-quality, scalable content. Recognizing the insufficiency of single-format media in today's dynamic social environment, we ensure your unique requirements are met, maintaining the pace of daily content demands.

message testing

Leveraging our established partnerships, we conduct rigorous, iterative testing to provide actionable insights, ensuring continuous growth and enhanced message efficacy.


Our comprehensive digital strategy services encompass the latest in digital marketing trends and technologies. We craft tailored strategies that optimize your online presence, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance engagement and drive measurable results. From  social media to paid advertising and analytics, we ensure your digital initiatives are cohesive, targeted, and impactful.


We have a deep understanding of the political landscape and different audiences across that spectrum. Allowing us to create unique and targeted messages that connect with audiences where they are while guiding them towards where they need to be.


With over 15 years of experience we empower your team and strengthen operational integrity through mission-based budgeting, informed hiring, strategic financial planning, and effective operational streamlining to achieve your organizational objectives.

take a look into

our process


Let’s connect. We’ll dive deep into understanding your work and audience, pinpointing not only the desired look of your content but also its strategic objectives.


Armed with thorough research, we formulate informed strategies and creative directives to elevate your narrative messaging.


We deliver a tailored proposal designed to achieve your goals, complete with a detailed budget and timeline, ensuring a cohesive strategy.

project kick off

Executing our planned schedule, we drive the project forward ensuring progress and alignment with our mission.


Leading the process with confidence, we engage you as active partners, fostering thoughtful collaboration at every stage.


Post-delivery, we maintain ongoing communication to verify optimal performance and offer continued support.

we have the trust of incredible organizations

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Groundwork Agency | Political and Issues Consulting
Groundwork Agency | Political and Issues Consulting
Groundwork Agency | Political and Issues Consulting
Groundwork Agency | Political and Issues Consulting
Groundwork Agency | Political and Issues Consulting

WORDS FROM our clients

Jenifer Fernandez ancona
co-founder & vice President, way to win

Aviv is fantastic at what he does, and it is always a pleasure working with him. He has a wide range as a creator, and he’s able to produce content that is inspirational, educational, and/or funny — perfectly landing our message each time. His approach to creative problems is always so refreshing, and he works quickly while delivering high quality content!

steve bodow
executive producer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Aviv is organized, creative and agreeable - the type of collaborator who helps you figure out what you want to do creatively and then brings all the pieces together to make it happen.

Anat Shenker Osorio
principal & founder, aso communications

Aviv is equal parts producing professional and creative collaborator. His rare mix of talents - attentive listener, efficient project manager, and astute political observer - make him a total delight. We've had the great fortune to engage with Aviv on a range of projects - from churning out rapid fire archival compilation shorts to developing complex, multi-lingual, originally filmed narratives - and will keep returning for future work.

Kristin Wheeler
chief strategy officer, galvanize action

We [Galvanize Action] had the pleasure of working with Aviv and his team to take our deep and nuanced research of our audience and turn those insights into memes and GIFs to move them toward progress. We ended up with over 50 innovative, effective memes and GIFs that were deployed to our audience in 2021 and 2022. Not only did Aviv keep the project on time and budget, but he delivered out of the box ideas that helped us to ultimately learn more about our audience which resulted in a greater campaign impact. Aviv held onto what is unique about our approach and pushed us to think about our work in different ways that we're still benefiting from.

Anika Fassia & Tinselyn Simms
co-executive directors, We Make the Future

We worked with the Groundwork Agency on several projects. Each experience has been very beneficial to our work and our partner organizations. They helped bring our messaging research to life by translating them into creative and tested videos that have been used by partners all over the country. Many of our projects involve many stakeholders with varying perspectives and needs and the Groundwork Agency is always responsive and thoughtful in navigating tight timelines and incorporating feedback. These videos advance our partners' missions by shaping policies that impact our lives. We highly recommend the Groundwork Agency to others.

cathal lathrop
VP of Operations, FRAMESHIFT

I highly recommend Groundwork for any production needs, as they possesses a remarkable set of skills, contacts, and resources that cater to a wide variety production requirements. Whether it's for smaller organizations seeking flexibility and adaptability or larger projects with strict budget constraints, Aviv & his team consistently delivers outstanding results. Their professionalism and transparent approach make them a pleasure to work with, and Aviv's personable nature fosters excellent collaboration among project members.

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