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Our vision at The GroundWork Agency is simple! We strive to ensure that every TGA client offers the highest level of community programming possible. In these economic times we are aware that the funding supply of community programs are diminishing; while the need for these resources continue to expand. Shrinking state governments, fundraising challenges, regulatory reform and the ever present growing need for services and support add up to an environment where entities have to be innovative in their approach.

Many corporations are moving toward the Triple-Bottom Line profit model, becoming true corporate partners in the local communities they service; while municipalities have an increasing need to provide a variety of community programs for their constituents. Philanthropists attempt to fulfill their goals via collaborations with local non-profits; while non-profit organizations seek funding to develop community programs that directly impact neighborhoods. It is TGA's purpose to ensure that each of these entities' good deeds has a measurable and meaningful impact and they are able to utilize limited resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Whether you are a non-profit with an idea and would like to utilize our planning and implementation services; or you are a funder seeking a local collaboration. Our goal is to  TAKE YOUR VISION FROM CONCEPT TO CAPSTONE!


GroundWork Agency

A Program Development Firm

​Tish Johnson, JD, CEO/Founder, has gathered experience in a number of arenas throughout her career. Having served as a financial consultant in public finance, she has worked on numerous community development projects via bond issues and has served on a team of advisors for various municipalities.

Most recently working as a Legislative Aide for a Councilman in Newark, NJ, she has accumulated experience in program management by developing and supporting numerous community initiatives. In this capacity she has also gained an in depth knowledge in community engagement and assessment.

Earning a Juris Doctorate from Georgia State University College of Law and passing the State of New Jersey Bar exam, she additionally brings a keen legal perspective in research and reasoning to all of TGA’s clients.


Our Vision